If Canada isn’t on your bucket list for this year, add it up right on top! Why? Because Canada turns 150 years old this year and it celebrates it… in ways that will benefit any one who wants to explore it! I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t seen most of Canada myself, even though I’m Canadian. I’ve been to 21 countries but barely have seen my own. To be fare, though, Canada is huge! Whenever I travel and tell fellow backpacker I’m from Quebec in Canada, people are all like: « Oh! I know that one person from Vancouver! Maybe you know them…. » I’m just like: « No. ». Vancouver is about as far as Madrid is from Montreal and flying there is expensive!! However, now that I’ve finally reached my goal to see all the continents, I decided it was about time I see my own country! And like I said, 2017 is just the perfect year to do that! Why? There are four main reasons!

1. 150$ cross-Canada train tickets

Well, a first reason would be that amazing special deal that Via Rail just announced yesterday (March 29, 2017) that in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, it will sell 150$ train tickets to cross Canada (tickets for the month of July only)… from Montreal to Vancouver (possibility to depart and arrive from/to other cities)!! Those tickets normally start at 450$ so this is a very big deal! With the new train The Canadian, which is a 4 days (3 nights) train trip that takes you from Montreal to Vancouver in a wonderful train including all glass wagons, this is THE perfect way to cross Canada quickly while still seeing the country! However, be quick: only 1867 tickets are available at this crazy low price!! Also, it’s only for people age 12 -25! I hope you’re included in that age range, just as I am (I’m 25, barely made it into the deal!) Book your tickets quickly here!

If you missed the deal, The Canadian train ride is still an awesome deal, costing only 450$ to cross the country with an awesome experience and gorgeous sceneries! Book your ticket for it here.


  1. Free Park Canada Pass

Another awesome way Canada celebrates is giving FREE entry to all its national parks! And believe me, Canada is full of GORGEOUS National Parks (see point 4 of this article). It’s only this year so you get your free National Parks card (order it here), pack your backpack, put on your hiking shoes and come explore beautiful lakes and mountains all over our country! I just got mine by mail and it got me 10 X more excited that I already was to explore the Western part of my beautiful country!


  1. New Cheap Airlines

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Canada just got its own cheap airline! It’s called New Leaf and it has flights as low as 49$ and you can fly from Vancouver to Montreal for only 180$! Much better than the 500$ is cost with other airlines! Be aware, though: some extra fees apply; including check-in luggages… it’s still a lot cheaper than any other airline, though! Good news is that this is not only for 2017, the airline will stick around so if you really can’t make it to Canada this year, you can benefit from in the following years as well!


  1. Gorgeous Parks

Like I wrote earlier, Canada is a gorgeous country with National Parks all over that will just blow your mind!! Here are some of them to inspire you… can’t wait to take my own pictures this summer and come back to you in an article to share my experience!

Banff National Park (Alberta)

 Banff National Park

Jasper National Park (Alberta)


Yoho National Park (British-Columbia)

 Yoho National Park

Waterton Lake National Park (Alberta)

 Waterton Lake National Park

La Mauricie National Park (Quebec)

 La Mauricie National Park

Kluane National Park (Yukon)

Kluane National Park 

Gros Morne National Park (Newfounland and Labrador)

 Gros Morne National Park

Forillon National Park (Quebec)


Point Pelee National Park (Ontario)

 Point Pelee National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park (P.E.I.)

 Prince Edward Island National Park

Have you ever visited Canada? If yes, which what was your favourite part? If not, when are you planning to? Let me know in the comments!