In a previous article, I told you about seven of my favorite free travel apps! Apps to find cheap flights and bus, book hostels, convert prices in your own currency, find your way around a new city, translate signs and menus and socialize with other backpackers! You can read it here. However, there are plenty of other great free travel apps I didn’t get a chance to tell you about in that article so here I am, back with a second article, introducing seven other free travel apps that I find genius and would strongly recommend!

1. Hopper

In my previous post on free travel apps, I wrote about skyscanner, which is a great app on which I usually find the cheapest flights. However, I have found some cheaper flights on Hopper at certain times. That’s why I would always recommend shopping for your flight tickets on different websites and apps at a time to make sure you find the cheapest option! The cool thing about Hopper is that not only it will notify you every time the flight you are following changes price, it will also let you know if you should book it now or wait a bit longer. According to statistics, amongst other things, the app is able to calculate when a price is a good deal or when the price will go lower (or higher), hence, help you save lots of money! You can read more about my cheap flight shopping tips here.


2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a well known website and it is also a marvelous app! I actually downloaded it while in a hostel in Australia, since the only way to get free wifi was to give a good review of the hostel on that app. Well I haven’t deleted from my phone since and enjoy using it! I won’t go through everything TripAdvisor App can do for you, because believe me, it does A LOT! But it is mostly known for it’s restaurants and “to do things” recommendations that are rated by other travelers! It also suggests greatly rated hotels (not the best options for cheap accommodations, though). The forum on the app is a great way to ask questions to get information you can’t find on the web!


3. Sygic Travel

Sygic travel is the best apps to plan your trip! Whether you are an organization freak or more of a “let’s see what happen” kind of person, you will love this app! You start by “creating a trip” and then add all the information you want, starting by the dates of your trip. Than, for each day, you can select what city you will be in, what hostels you will stay at, what you want to visit… Depending on the location for each day, it will inform you of the weather forecast together with things to do, places to stay, where to rent a car, etc. The app will then create a map showing your itinerary! You can modify your plans at any time! I find it super helpful and a lot more efficient than having all information split into different apps and constantly navigating between those apps. Now all is in one place and organized.


4. Hidden Place

I just recently downloaded Hidden Place as one of the actions required for a contest to win a Go Pro, therefore, I haven’t used it while traveling yet. BUT, I have used it in my own city and was really impressed! It’s an app that… well… tells you about hidden places (duh). Using your current location or the one you enter in the search bar, it will show you a map of the city you’re in with indications on different places or events that are near but that you wouldn’t read about on TripAdvisor… in other words, they are “underground” kind of places, but that are totally worth discovering! Proof that it works: I’ve used it in my own city and it suggested cute cafés, great restaurants, beautiful street art places and fun un-official events (like every Sundays tam-tam & pick-nick in a park) I either hadn’t heard of before, or experiment and can confirm they are unknown must-see places! If you like discovering the local’s life, this is the right app for you!


5. Gallileo Maps

In my previous article on free travel apps, I wrote about Google Maps, which I love using to find out itineraries to go from point A to B and to find my way around in new cities… As I love Google maps for finding out my itineraries using local public transporations, Gallileo Maps is better for the saving of maps. With this app, you can easily download vector maps within the app, and then use those maps offline (without fearing loosing them like it sometime happens with Google maps). You can also use the search bar offline to find places and bookmark your favourite locations. A big plus, this app’s vector maps take up less space on your phone than others… that means more space for pictures (I can’t be the only one always running out of space on my phone)!


6. Travello

Travello is a social network for travellers, a bit like Backpackr (which I wrote about in my other post). This app allows you to meet other travelers from over 180 countries. It’s really useful to find travel buddies or simply company for dinner while traveling solo! Or someone to rent a van with to explore the East Coast of Australia! They recently updated the app and it got bout 10 times greater! They introduced “Travello Groups” which you can join based on your interest, who you are and what you do! You can share pictures, recommendations and ask questions! If you are a frequent solo traveler or going on a long trip alone, this app should come in handy!

7. Pixlr

Ok, there are like 1 millions photo editing apps that have been named “best editing app”. I’m not here to tell you I have found THE ONE, but I will share one that I love and have been using mostly on my travel pictures. Pixlr is great because it has tons of editing options. One of my favourites is the corrector, which helps you remove an unwanted swimmer on a wonderful picture of the ocean or a tourist walking in front of a pretty waterfall or a small car passing in front a gorgeous building. Of course, it only works on small imperfections, but it’s just perfect for my needs! Another great option is the double exposure one, allowing you to make really original travel pictures!! That being said, a great editing app will help you have better looking travel pictures, yes, but great pictures start with a great camera! Read my tips on how to choose the best travel camera here.


My “Travel Apps” section on my phone is getting full but I love it! And I’m sure there are still plenty of other great apps out there that are only waiting to be discovered… or even created! What about you, what’s in your “Travel apps” section on your phone? Which one are you using on every single trip? Let me know in the comments!

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