Looking for a great gift for a friend that loves travelling? Or maybe you are a traveller yourself and you are looking for ideas for what to ask for your birthday or Christmas? Ok, maybe an all paid for trip is what we truly want… However, generosity has (unfortunately) some limits… However, fear no more they are plenty of other things that can satisfy the globetrotters that we are… Here are 15 ideas for all ranges of prices… from 2$US to 1000$US! I’m sharing the links to buy those items or shop for similar ones online so your search should come to a close end!

  1. Backpack (120$ – 330$ US)

If there’s one thing every backpacker needs, it is… a backpack! If you’re looking for a gift for an experienced traveller, chances are he/she already has one! Unless it’s broken, they probably don’t need a new one. But if you’re looking for someone who’s getting ready for a first trip or is finally ready to pass from the suitcase to the backpack, then that’s an amazing gift! Osprey is the best brand out there and 50L backpacks are the best for 2 weeks to 3 months trips!


  1. Compact Travel Items (5$ – 95$ US)

Other perfect gift ideas for travelers are stuff that they actually use while travelling… I wrote an article about light backpacking (read it here) and it includes suggestions on a few compact and light travel essentials that can be amazing travel gifts ideas! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Camera or Phone Lens (30$ – 1000$ US)

If you like hearing about the trips your loved ones go on or if you follow them on Instagram to see what they see, a great gift idea would be to provide them with a great travel camera! I wrote an article about how to choose the best travel camera (read it here). Here are my best recommendations (the Lens kit being a cheap options since they can be found for only 30$):

  1. Travel Guide Book (10$ – 30$US)

If your favourite traveller is planning a trip soon, chances are they would appreciate getting a travel guide specific to the place they’re heading to! “Lonely Planet” and “Michelin” are known to be awesome Travel Guides books! Travelers that need inspiration for their next destination can also appreciate more general travel guide!

  1. Travel Theme Novel (10$ – 25$ US)

I always bring a book when I travel and I know I’m not the only one. Travelers journey are a great type of novels to read on the road and here are a few suggestions of great biographies or fiction novels filled with travelling experiences I would totally recommend for a travel addict:

  1. Travel Journal (10$ – 30$ US)

Documenting their travel is something lots of travelers want to do but often don’t take the time to do! Help them to commit to this great task by providing them with a beautiful travel journal! You can either give them a journal to take on their trip and write daily or a scrapbook type they can fill once they get back home! Here are two great options:

  1. Travel Theme Phone Case (2$ – 80$US)

Now that most people have a phone, a Phone case is something they will use daily and if they get one that claims their passion for travelling, it will be much appreciated! Plus, for a strange reason, phones seems to break a lot more easily on trips (I believe I haven’t met one backpacker with a non-broken phone on my trip to Australia). Therefore, a Phone case will be much useful! Here are a few fun travel-related ones, including one you can personalize by choosing passport stamps to put on, according to your own passport:

  1. Passport Cover (10$ – 50$ US)

A passport becomes the most precious thing one owns while travelling outside of his/her country, therefore something to keep it safe can be a great gift idea! A lot of pretty ones exist out there; you simply need to choose the best fit for their personality! Here are some ideas:

  1. Travel Jewelry (5$ – 100$ US)

A pretty piece of jewelry or a watch are known to be thoughtful gifts, especially if they are personalized to one’s tastes! Lucky for you, there is a lot of travel theme jewelry out there to choose from. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Scratch Map (15$ – 30$ US)

Scratch Maps are the best! They come in different sizes and colors and they are basically a world map on which you scratch the places you’ve traveled to! Some are made to be carried on the road, others to be displayed on a wall. Believe me, they are really popular among backpackers!


  1. Globe (20$ – 100$ US)

World maps are great, but globes are the real deal, because of their vintage look! They come in many sizes, some have ancient mapping… and they always look pretty in a travelers’ home!


  1. Wood World Map (100$ – 250$ US)

Those are a bit more expensive but, if you are crafty enough, they can be a great DIY project (My boyfriend made one for me and I absolutely loooooove it!) Often made with barn wood, they come in different sizes and are a perfect way to declare one’s love for travel! This one comes with Push Pins to place where you’ve been:

  • Barn Wood World Map with Push Pins (Buy it here)


  1. Travel Theme Wall Decal (20$ – 85$ US)

An other great way to decorate one’s home with its travelling passion is Travel Theme Wall Decal! They are cheap and easy to install decorations! Here are pretty ones:

  1. Money for Tattoo (50$ – 150$ US)

Lots of travellers love to proclaim their passion for exploring the world or want to remember a specific travel experience by getting a tattoo! However, those are often really expensive so paying part of it or the whole thing can be a great way to please your favourite backpacker! I would recommend giving at least 50$ for this, as this is normally the basic price for a small tattoo.


  1. National Geographic Subscription (8$ – 12$ US)

If your world traveler friend is home enough to look at his mail box at least once a month, a subscription to National Geographic can be a great gift idea! It’s an amazing way to spin things out while getting them the chance to be inspired throughout the year!

  • Regular National Geographic Subscription – 12 issues (Subscribe to it here)
  • Traveler National Geographic Subscription – 6 issues (Subscribe to it here)

Travelers often have a non-materialistic-kind-of-person reputation and that’s mainly because we often have to carry everything we own on our back (therefore, hopefully, don’t own much!). However, gifts that are related to our tastes and that can inspire us, make us dream or even be useful on the road will always be greatly appreciated! What about you, what’s the best travel related gift you ever received? Let me know in the comments!