It’s story time! I recently wrote about my 5 first years as a traveler (you can read about it in My Travel Journey Part 1 and My Travel Journey Part 2 )and it’s now time to finish this series by telling you about the last 3 years (my favourite part, mostly because of it’s varieties)…

After my year as a student in Europe, I moved to Montreal (Quebec, Canada) to start a bachelor degree in Anthropology. Which means I started getting much richer… in knowledge! My bank account? That got emptier each day! However, after two years as a university student, I knew I had to start travelling again. So I signed up for a field school in Peru to get credits… and mostly to see Peru! The field school was about indigenous Right, so I first spent 1 week in Lima, where I lived in a Peruvian family (that only spoke Spanish… that helps you learn a language fast, believe me!) and had classes every day at the university with 7 other ladies, from USA and Poland. Then, we applied what we learn by visiting and helping an indigenous community in the Amazonian jungle, in Madre de Dios for about another week! (Read about this community’s fight for their rights here!) After the end of the field school, I stayed another 2 weeks in Peru and backpacked with a friend of mine! We saw Cusco, Puno and, obviously, Machu Picchu… which was absolutely breathtaking! You can read about my recommendations for Peru here and on Machu Picchu here. I loved the culture of Peru and can’t wait to see more of South America!


The summer after that was in South-East Asia, where I spent 2 months as an intern for a mission’s organization! That mission’s work was Bible Translation and preservation of minority’s languages! I wrote a research paper about what was the minorities situation in Laos (absolutely need to tell you more about that later) for which I met with many minority people with whom I did really interesting interviews! I also got to travel into villages! While being there, I was mostly based in Vientiane but I also took the time to backpack a bit around to see Pakse and Luang Prabang (gorgeous city with waterfalls and temples, which I wrote about here) in Laos and Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand! I loooooved it! The culture was different from everything I’ve encounter so far so getting the chance to meet so many locals was amazing!


Only 3 months after I came back from South-East Asia, I went to Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic for a week for well-needed vacations… I spent it on the beach in a resort, not exactly what I call “traveling” since I haven’t seen much of the place, but I need to relax and the beach was gorgeous. However, If I go back on that kind of vacations, I definitely will get out of the resort to experience more of the place!


At that point I was making good money by working online so when I saw I had two week long spring break in university, I decided I would spend them in Europe, to finally see Spain and Portugal (a dream I had for a long time) So I went on a almost three weeks solo trip to Seville, Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona. This trip was amazing. I traveled alone a lot before but was always meeting up with people (sometimes strangers) at least for a big part of the trip. This was the first time I would sleep only in hostels and didn’t have a plan to meet with other people. I was nervous at first but ended up loving it! I made amazing people and had a blast! I think the best time was in Lisbon, especially my day to Sintra (which I wrote about here)! On that trip, I realise how much easily you can meet people while traveling alone!


Finally, this last summer, I went on another solo trip on the East Coast of Australia, for 1 Month! You can read about my recommended itinerary here, but I can tell you that I went to Sydney, Surfers Paradise (on the Gold Coast), Brisbane, Noosa, Cairns and Cape Tribulation. I saw so many things and had amazing experiences, including surfing (which you can read about here) and scuba diving (read about it here)! Once again, I made amazing friends and wasn’t ready to live when my trip came to an end! I chose to go to Australia because it was the last continent on my list, but it turned out to be 100 times better than I hoped it would be!!


So here ends my travel journey! 21 countries, 6 continents… but I know it’s not over! I’m planning a road trip through Canada with a friend this summer (it’s about time I see my own country!) and I’m hoping to see Indonesia, India and Nepal as soon as possible! If seeing all continents before the age of 25 was on my bucket list (Check!), seeing 30 countries before I’m 30 is my next goal! 9 countries to go for the next 5 years… How exciting! What about you? How many countries have you been to? And what’s next on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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If you want to learn more about any of the places I wrote about in My Travel Journey, let me know in the comments and I’ll write an article about it!